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Musical Education


  • Ph.D. equal in piano concert and solo performance (Cologne Music Academy, Germany)
  • M.A. equal in advanced piano performance with highest honours (Music Academy Cologne, Germany)
  • Soloist diploma of the highest degree with honours in piano performance (Athens Conservatory, Greece)

Diplom-Soloist, Diplom-Concert Pianist, Diplom-Piano Pedagogue

Sotirios Dimitriadis won various scholarships over a total consecutive period of 18 years which enabled him to finance his studies in piano, chamber music and song accompaniment.

1974 - 1988: At the Athens Conservatory, where he graduated with the highest honours as a solo performing artist; Highest soloist's diploma in piano performance: "Outstanding unanimously, with honours".

At the Academies of music in Salzburg and Moscow under the legendary pianist and teacher Tatiana Nikolajewa. He then took post-graduate artistic maturity courses at Cologne Academy of Music.

1991 he passed the "Künstlerische Reifeprüfung" with the highest distinction and 1995 the "Konzertexamen" (the final and highest postgraduate academic degree and qualification that can be obtained in Germany in the field of artistic instrumental training);

1991: Postgraduate Artistic Maturity Diploma in advanced piano performance: "Outstanding with honours".
1995: Diploma "Konzertexamen" in piano concert and solo performance.
Diplom-Concert Pianist, Diplom-Piano Pedagogue.


1987 Tatjana Nikolajewa (Moskau)
1988 Duo Ganev (Sofia)
1988 Lev Vlasenko (Moskau)
1989 Lev Vlasenko (Moskau)
1990 Peter Feuchtwanger (London)
1990 Peter Feuchtwanger (London)
1990 Paul Badura-Skoda (Wien)
1994 Bruno-Leonardo Gelber (Monte Carlo)
1994 Karl-Heinz Kämmerling (Hannover)
1994 Leσn Fleischer (USA)
1995 Murray Perahia (London)
1995 Gyorgy Sebτk (USA)
1995 Andras Schiff (Budapest)
1995 Paul Badura-Skoda (Wien)

Interpretation studies

Sotirios Dimitriadis was invited through personal invitation of the tutor to interpretation studies under the tuition of these great artistic personalities of our time, where he has deepened his knowledge and skills: Tatjana Nikolajewa (Salzburg, Moskau), Peter Feuchtwanger (London), Bruno-Leonardo Gelber (Monte Carlo).


Life Essence. Feel the difference within!

One often says, the time changes the people. No, the time does not change us but it lets us unfold.

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